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Health and Medical - Primary and Specialist
NEVDGP is an
accredited organisation.

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Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital
Level 1, North Wing
West Heidelberg Vic 3081
North East Valley
Division of General Practice
Tel: (03) 9496 4333
Fax: (03) 9496 4349

- an independent organisation supporting general practice in North East Melbourne -


Dr Rob Currie, the Division’s founding Executive Director and its chairman for ten years, died peacefully on Christmas eve 2010 surrounded by his family after battling lung cancer.
Fortunately, Dr Peter Eizenberg (chairman) and Ken Mansbridge (CEO) had visited Rob at home to present him with “Certificates of Recognition & Appreciation” from the Board of Directors and separately from the staff shortly before he passed away.
Rob displayed his usual good humour and interest as we reviewed nearly 20 years of the Division’s operation. It was an achievement of which he was justly proud. He was valued by all who knew him, and he will be sorely missed.
Responding to the needs of general practice to deliver primary care and health education in the community through program support in Immunisation, Mental Health, Chronic disease Management and Quality Use of Medicines.

Division contacts:
Wendy Reid
(03) 9496 4333
 Chronic Disease Management
Noel Stewart/Wendy Reid
(03) 9496 4333
Information Management
Noel Stewart
(03) 9496 4333
Wendy Reid
(03) 9496 4333
Quality Use of Medicines
Dr. Mary Levidiotis
(03) 9496 4333
PEN Clinical Audit Tool
Noel Stewart
(03) 9496 4333
Wendy Reid
(03) 9496 4333
Practice Managers Network
Noel Stewart
(03) 9496 4333

Practice Managers Network
Noel Stewart
(03) 9496 4333
A Word from the Editor July 2nd, 2012– INDEPENDENCE DAY

From Monday July 2nd, 2012, North East Valley Division of General Practice will be operating as an independent entity. We will be continuing to support our practices and their staff, but without the requirement to meet some target, produce some report, write some plan or create some strategy. Our task simply put, will be to continue to provide you with advice, support and information. Noel, Patty, Wendy, Clare and Mary (NPS) will be available to visit your practice, support our networks and organise events.

We can all look a little nostalgically at the last 18 years, and I think it won’t be too long into the future that we recall them as “the good old days”. The Division has always prided itself on being an organisation whose singular purpose was to support our practices, and we believe that we did it with style, and undeniably with results. There are many examples of the Division’s innovative approaches to government programs & policies. Always practical, focused and flexible and delivered by ‘user friendly’ staff working individually but as part of a team.

Compared with when & where we started, there are few GPs now I suspect, who would not acknowledge the small contribution the Division has made to general practice in Melbourne’s North East.

Our contact numbers will remain the same (phone) 9496 4333 (fax) 9496 4349email (same as now). We will continue to update the forms on our website to reflect changes to the MBS. In particular I need to emphasize in particular, that we have NO responsibility for what was formerly our largest individual program, namely, MENTAL HEALTH, similarly for CLOSING THE GAP or AGED CARE. Changes to our Websites Home Page will soon reflect this reality.
We never sought to build an empire (as our small numbers attest) we simply wanted to make sure that you, our members, were able to participate and benefit from the government of the day’s agenda. Over the years many of those early fears have, I believe, been erased and you are now confident enough to call us with a bewildering range of questions because you know that true to the Division’s motto ‘ATTENTION TO DETAIL’ we either will know the answer or find it for you, and that most importantly WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU WHEN WE SAY WE WILL.


NEVDGP Welcome Kit
Feedback to the Division
You may want to contact the division to give us feedback (positive, negative or neutral) about our website, how we operate as a division or suggestions for improvements. We are ready to listen. You can contact the CEO, Mr Ken Mansbridge directly at the division on (03) 9496 4333, or by email.
Consumer rights and responsibilities for users of the health system
  • Health Insite - Consumer Rights - an Australian Government inititaive. You can find information on individual and health consumers' rights and responsibilities. This site contains information on:
    - the accessibility of health services and the rights of consumers to access services
    - consumer advocacy and support
    - providing informed consent about health care decisions
    - personal medical and health records
    - privacy and confidentiality issues

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - Medical and health services
      - Misleading or deceptive conduct by health insurance funds
      - Misleading or deceptive conduct regarding health products or services
      - Rights to refunds for consumers for health products

  • Consumers' Health Forum of Australia - Consumer organisations worldwide use eight consumer rights to lobby on behalf of consumers and validate the views of consumers. Consumers' Health Forum has adapted the rights to their own areas of interest.

  • Knowing your Rights as a Health Consumer - Reach Out - Reach Out! is a web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times.
Mission Statement
The North East Valley Division’s mission is:
  • To enhance the health care available to its community by supporting GPs and general practices to continuously develop and improve their skills and the services they provide to patients.
  • To assist GPs to work with allied health providers and other agencies by improving planning, delivery, coordination, access to and evaluation of, local health care services.
  • To enhance the professional effectiveness and satisfaction of general practitioners and other general practice staff.
Vision statement
There are four major components to the Division’s Vision:
  • Practices in the Division offer a high quality, multidisciplinary medical service through the development of internal practice teams and/or strong partnerships with other service providers.
  • Practices are able to demonstrate continuous improvement in the quality of the services they provide
  • GPs and practice staff experience high satisfaction in their professional roles and achievements.
  • The Division is seen as the primary provider, and a quality provider, of education and practice development services by a majority of GPs and practice staff in the Division.
The operations of the North East Valley Division of General Practice are guided by the following core values:
  • The Division believes that General Medical Practitioners are the most appropriate providers and coordinators of lifelong health care
  • The Division believes that the primary role of the Division is to enhance the effectiveness of general practitioners and their practices in fulfilling this role
  • The Division believes that oversight and governance must be the responsibility of duly elected representatives of the general practice community and that these representatives should reflect the diversity that exists within this community 
  • The Division provides services to all members and practices equitably and without discrimination or preference based on demographic characteristics of individuals or practices
  • The Division is committed to supporting continuous quality improvement in practices and to continuous improvement in its own systems and service provision
  • The Division is committed to participating in, and contributing to, the broader general practice and primary health care community
  • The Division seeks to engage with other health service providers to enhance the ability of general practitioners to fulfil their role as the primary coordinators of care and to enhance the provision of primary care services overall 
Access and Equity Policy
NEVDGP recognizes that it has an obligation to ensure that all its members and staff are treated equally and with respect. [Full document]
Privacy Policy
Protecting the Privacy of your Personal Information - in complying with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, North East Valley Division of General Practice has developed a Privacy Policy that governs its handling of personal informat ... [Full document]
Membership and Membership Enquiries
Membership is open to all General Practitioners and has been steadily increasing during the past few years to a point now where more than 94% of eligible GP's are members of the North East Valley Division. Membership has been encouraged through CME meetings, through the newsletter and through personal approaches. There is no joining fee or ongoing membership cost.
General Practitioners within the Division’s geographical region are denoted as full members, those practicing outside the Divisions boundaries are associate members.
The main purpose for collecting the information is to assist in providing members with support, and to facilitate our programs, activities or functions. No personal information is ever disclosed to other groups, organisations or individuals. 
Contact the division on (03) 9496 4333 if you want a membership form and reply paid envelope mailed to you.
Divisional Objectives
  1. Increase the amount and level of GP involvement in the activities of the Division.
  2. Meet GP CPD and Training needs.
  3. Encourage and facilitate linkages between GPs and their communities.
  4. Plan and Implement Divisional activities to address identified Health Population Needs.
  5. Promote sustainable health promotion and preventative strategies to patients and the community through local GPs.
  6. Maintain an organisational structure that is responsive to change.
  7. Facilitate communication between GPs, the Division and other agencies.
  8. To promote the Health & Wellbeing of General Practitioners to General Practitioners.
  9. To provide advocacy on behalf of General Practitioners to a variety of bodies & organisations.
  10. To undertake the collection, collation and evaluation of data related to identified population health needs.

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The executive function of the Board of Directors and Executive Officer include:
  • providing overall leadership to the Division;
  • developing proposals/directions for the Board to consider;
  • maintaining an overview of all activities of the Division;
  • overseeing and advising on financial management and financial planning;
  • developing a sponsorship policy for the Division;
  • identifying and responding to possible funding sources;
  • management of funding submissions and tenders.
The Board
The 10 person Board of Management under the chairmanship of the Executive Medical Director (Dr. Peter Eizenberg) meet as required. This Board of Directors reflects the demographics of the new North East Valley Division of GP comprising representatives from practices of all sizes. It is responsible and accountable for leading, supervising, and monitoring the Division as a quality organisation.
The Board requires the Division to be:
  • Efficient: services and programs are cost-effective and operate smoothly
  • Legal: ensures compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements that govern its operations
  • Accountable: open and transparent relationships are maintained with its consumers, funders and other stakeholders, including staff and volunteers
  • Sustainable: the organisation is structured to ensure consumers receive continuous services
  • Participatory: the Division actively engages consumers, relevant external organisations, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders in defining, delivering and improving services and maintaining their relevance
  • Reflective: reflects on services provided by the Division and actively seeks improvement
  • Integrated: works with external organisations and individuals to share knowledge, avoid unnecessary duplication and achieve better outcomes for consumers and other stakeholders.
  • As a company, the Board carries individual and group liability for ASIC regulated responsibilities: strategic planning, fiduciary duties, compliance and risk management, and financial probity and accountability.
Current Board Members:
Dr. Peter Eizenberg (Chair)
Dr. Ros Raynor (Deputy Chair)
Dr. Tony Sellars, (Secretary)
Dr Lindsey Hyde (Treasurer)
Dr. Colin Adams
Dr. Alison Sands
Dr Emrana Alavi
Dr. Michael Ong
Ms Colleen Price
Mr Jim Pasinis
CEO - Mr Ken Mansbridge
Divisional Stakeholders are also regarded as those organisations and agencies that have vested interest in the work of the Division directed to quality primary health care.
Our community includes a group of people who have a vested (or shared) interest and involvement in the work of the Division including Primary Care Partnership, Hospitals, Community Health, and Local Government.
Programs and Outcomes
  • integration ( e.g. GPs and hospitals, primary care partnerships)
  • general practice support (eg practice staff support, IT/IM)
  • Quality support (continuing professional development, accreditation support, Quality Use of Medicines)
  • Governance (e.g. effective external engagement, financial compliance and risk management)