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No 1104: February 24, 2011
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                Vale Graeme Berry   

Aged Care                                             Managing Pain within Residential Aged Care         

Chronic Disease Management            Chronic Diseases: Epidemiology and Prevention    

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Immunisation                                       Influenza information, Pertussis epidemic continues, Q Fever website is now live,  

Information Management                  Medical Director Tips

Items of interest                                  Murray Valley Encephalitis, Audiology support, 2011 Infection Control Practical Guide, GP Network News  

Paediatrics                                           Paediatric Orthopaedics      

Women’s Health                                  Menarche to Menopause ALM                    

Positions vacant/wanted                            

Fun stuff                                                        


A Word from the Editor

Vale Graeme Berry

It is with sadness that we inform you of the death of Graeme Berry last Thursday after a six month illness. Graeme has been working in divisions since 2003 and worked in the North East Valley Division for 9 months in 2008 in the Information Management area with Noel. He will be remembered for his great work in producing Practice Health Atlases and using the PEN Clinical Audit Tool, as well as other program areas. Graeme was a warm and congenial colleague and very supportive of his fellow team members. He was also a valued friend to a number of the NEV staff. After his stint at the NEVDGP he took on a position at PivotWest and retired last July. Sadly, Graeme had little time to enjoy his retirement and fulfil his travel plans.


NB: There will be no eNews next week. The next edition will be on March 10th.


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Aged Care

Managing Pain within Residential Aged Care

Wednesday 23rd March, 8.45am-4.30pm - 1 day interactive workshop designed for Aged Care staff at the National Ageing Research Institute Royal Park campus of The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Focussing on:  Understanding, identifying, assessing and managing chronic pain within residential aged care facilities. Flyer, Program, Registration


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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Diseases: Epidemiology and Prevention
March 10 - 11, 2011 This course aims to give a broad overview of the problems raised by chronic diseases in Australia in the early 21st century. ForHealth professionals from all backgrounds, health promotion workers, community health workers. For further information click here.  


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Continuing Professional Development

Influenza, Pertussis & Immunisation update

Wednesday 9th March, 7-9pm (Dinner from 6.30pm) at John Scott Meeting House, La Trobe University. Presented by Dr Peter Eizenberg for GPs and Practice nurses. Updates include: special update for Flu season 2011, Pertussis, & Herpes Zoster - vaccine developments. Application form.


Term 1 GP Lecture Program

Meetings are held each Tuesday starting at 12.30 in the Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Pathology Building, Repatriation Hospital, Austin Health, West Heidelberg. Tea and Coffee provided. Allocated CPD: 2 points/hour.

March 1- Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Dr Sally James

March 8 - Urinary Retention - Mr Ranjit Rao

For full term Tuesday lecture program click here


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Influenza information

For detailed information about Influenza see the Influenza Specialist Group website


Pertussis epidemic continues

Please find a link to a Media Release from Hon. Nicola Roxon MP on 21st February 2011 on Protecting Bubs: Whooping Cough epidemic

It is important that GPs offer new parents the pertussis booster if they have not already received it. It is still funded in Victoria for new parents until the end of June 2011.

Fathers should be immunised before the baby’s birth, while mothers should be immunised soon after the baby is born and not wait the two months until the baby’s vaccination.


Q Fever website is now live

The website can be accessed here. The website is password protected and can be accessed through the following User Name and Password (please note, the user name & password are case-sensitive). The user name is: QVAXHCP (all in uppercase) and the password is: QFever2011


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Information Management

Medical Director Tip – NPS leaflets

The Resources section of MD has some useful pamplets/leaflets from the National Prescribing Service.

  1. Click on the Patient Education Leaflets button (Mortarboard icon).
  2. Click on the + sign next to national Prescribing Service and this reveals the list of useful leaflets that includes:

a.      Reduction plan for your sleeping tablets

b.      Acute low back pain Management Plan

c.       Opioid medicines for chronic pain

d.      Pain Management Plan

e.      Sleep right, sleep tight – natural sleep before medicines

f.        Diabetes management


This weeks IM problem - File size too big in LetterWriter

Question: We have various templates for hospital referrals. One of these won’t allow us to save as it gives a message “File size is too big”. How do I fix this?

Answer: My suspicion is the template contains a graphic. If you delete the graphic from the template that should solve the problem.

(Thanks that solved it.)


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Items of Interest

Murray Valley Encephalitis

Click here to see a letter from the Department of Health Victoria about the detection of Murray Valley Encephalitis in sentinel chicken flocks in Northern Victoria.


Audiology support

To ensure successful hearing aid use: A detailed hearing assessment to clarify realistic hearing aid advantages/limitations; Audiologist support as needed to assist adaption to hearing aid use, carry out fine-tuning, ensure comfort and ease of handling; explanation of the process of neurological adaptation to amplification, so that patients are prepared for the unnatural prominence of less important sounds initially. Dineen and Westcott Audiology – downloads available for medical professionals.


2011 Infection Control Practical Guide for Primary Health Care available now

Margaret Jennings has updated her manual and we can email you a copy if you request. To be emailed a copy contact Wendy at


GP Network News

This week’s edition includes: AMA 2011-12 Federal Budget Submission; Health Funding Reform Update; Celebrate the benefits of AMA Membership; Own your own tomorrow.


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Paediatric Orthopaedics 

Tuesday 1st March 7-9pm (6:30pm for registration) at Ella Latham Theatre, 1st Floor, RCH. Presented by Victorian Paediatric Orthopaedic Network in partnership with Melbourne General Practice Network, RCH Primary Care Liaison and Genesis ED. Registration form


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Women’s Health

Menarche to Menopause ALM

Menarche to Menopause: Health Advantages of Monitoring Fertility, an Active Learning Module is to be presented at the Novetel Hotel, Glen Waverley on Saturday 26th March, 2011 from 9.15am – 4.30pm  by the Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre for Australia Ltd. This is an ideal opportunity to update your knowledge on the signs and symptoms of fertility and infertility as well as to gain 40 Category 1 (Women’s Health) points for this current triennium.  For further information and registration telephone 1800 335 860 or see here.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Diamond Creek- Seeking FT/PT VR GP or Subsequent Trainee GP to join our long established Family Practice.Fully computerised , mixed billing, Accredited Practice. Outer Metro area (Relocation incentive grants). No Sundays or Public holidays. Pay and conditions negotiable. Contact Sheila Bouskill on 9438 3888 or e-mail


Greensborough Road Surgery – requires a FT VR GP to join our well established and very busy family practice. Excellent Nurse support. Newly furbished rooms. Excellent remuneration. If you embrace change and are looking to work in a very supportive and a professionally simulating environment please contact Ann McCormack 9435 0711.


Ivanhoe Medical Clinic - PT VR GP for 2-4 sessions/week - must include Thursday & Friday afternoons. Modern, large supportive group(10 GPs), FT nurses, computerised, CDMs, no A/Hs, friendly ,flexible, mixed billing. Good remuneration. Contact:- Dr. Stephen Smith or Dr. David Doig – 9499 1245.

Northcote – FT/PT VR GP or Subsequent Trainee GP position. Fully accredited, computerised, long established doctor owned practice in a new purpose built facility with a fabulous work environment. Ancillary Health , Pharmacy and Pathology  services on site. Inquiries Diane Cronin (Practice Manager) 9481 1214. Visit our website


Thornbury - We are urgently seeking a VR GP and / or a GPT4 Registrar to replace our "soon to retire" GP.  Busy, accredited, computerised and long established practice. Friendly & professional working environment with dedicated staff & excellent nurse support.  For enquiries, please contact Dr Danny Lipson, Dr Jenny Andrewes or Rose - Practice Manager on 03) 9484 2007 or email   

Practice Staff

Bundoora - Andrew Place Clinic - (re-advertised due to illness) RN Div 1, required for busy Family Medical Practice. PPT 3 days a week, and needs to be able to increase hours due to sick leave and holiday relief. Applicants must be highly motivated and have experience in childhood immunisations, triage, wound care, health assessment, and chronic disease. Requires moderate computer skills, and current drivers license for home visits. Willing to work in a supported team environment, alongside two other practice nurses. Above award rates. Contact Jan Allen, Practice Nurse Manager or Michele Jones Practice Manager on 9467 1444, or email resume to Applications close 21/3/2011.


Greensborough Road Surgery - Part Time RN Div 1 reqired by a busy Medical Practice. Applicants must be experienced and highly motivated; friendly, with excellent communication skills, demonstrate empathy with patients and willing to work in a team environment. Tuesday 4.30-8.30pm, Wednesday 11.30-4.30pm, Thursday 4.30-8.30pm. Must be available to cover leave replacement for other RN’s. Contact Ann McCormack 9435 0711.


Thomastown Super Clinic - Division 2 Registered Nurse required, must be medication endorsed, and available to work evenings and weekends. Please submit CV along with covering letter addressed to Michela Morale and email to

Positions wanted

Nurse Specialist Service - Care Plans and Health Assessments including all CDM allied health referrals and recalls professionally completed by a Nurse Specialist. Our prompt, confidential service can be conducted in the clinic using your preferred patient management program or as a home visit with documentation using standard Division templates. Small and large lists accepted. Enquiries to or call on 0448 681 048.


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A blonde joke

A blind man enters a Ladies Bar by mistake. He finds his way to a barstool and orders a drink. After sitting there for awhile, he yells to the bartender,

"Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?" The bar immediately falls absolutely quiet.

The woman next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it is just fair - giving that you are blind - that you should know five things:

1.      The bartender is a blonde girl.

2.      The bouncer is a blonde girl.

3.      I'm a 6 feet tall, 160lb. blonde woman with a black belt in karate.

4.      The woman sitting next to me is blonde and is a professional weightlifter.

5.      The lady to your right is a blonde and is a professional wrestler.

Now think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?

The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head, and declares,

"Nah, not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times."


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And remember


            … Why if you send something by road it is called a shipment, but when you send it by sea it is called cargo?