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No 1219: June 7, 2012
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                The difference between IT and IM – a primer        

Chronic Disease Management            Supporting Someone with Cancer: Change, Loss & Moving Forward         

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Immunisation                                       Making immunisation ideas happen, Hepatitis B school program to finish December 2012, Gardasil® Vaccine

Information Management                  Medical Director Tips

Items of interest                                  Melbourne Hernia Clinic, Free Cancer Treatment Resource, Introducing the Telehealth Clinic, GP Network News           

Mental Health                                      Making the Connection: the interplay between diabetes, heart disease and mental health          

News for Practice Staff                       Pre diabetes and Type 2 diabetes mellitus training program, Web links for nurses           

NPS                                                       NPS Audit Update

Positions vacant/wanted                            

Fun stuff                                                        


A Word from the Editor

The difference between IT and IM – a primer

Following the NMML information evening on Wednesday May 30th and several angry GPs contacting the Division following the NMML chairs response to a question from the floor, we feel a need to clarify the distinction between Information Technology (IT) and Information Management (IM)and what the Division actually provides.

We DO provide Information Management (IM) services to our members, we DO NOT provide Information Technology (IT) services to our members & their practices. The IM services Noel Stewart provides include setting up pathology management and recall systems, teaching GPs and practice staff how to use their clinical software and accurately record clinical information. In addition he has participated in disease prevention programs as well as better management of patients with chronic disease. This role has been clearly articulated in reports from the division to the NMML.

In addition, the licence for the PEN Clinical Audit Tool, which the division has paid on our practices behalf since 2007, expires at the end of June 2012. We had earlier advised the NMML of this fact, but have no idea if the NMML will continue to support this software which plays an integral role in population health reporting and planning .

The Division apologises unreservedly to Noel Stewart for any tarnishing of his widely acknowledged reputation created by this unfortunate lack of distinction.


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Chronic Disease Management

Supporting Someone with Cancer: Change, Loss & Moving Forward

This forum will explore the challenges of coping with loss and grief when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Thursday 21st June 6-8pm (5.30pm Registration and a Light Dinner) at Session Room 4.6, Education Precinct, Level 4, Austin Tower, Austin Hospital, 145 Studley Rd, Heidelberg. Bookings are essential by Tuesday 19th June to Tammy - 9496 3799 or Dianne - 9496 3315.


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Continuing Professional Development

The Final Bash

On June 13th the division will be holding its last CPD activity. Items on the agenda include eHealth, the Future of the Division and eHealth past and future.  

For the invitation to attend, click here.


Austin Health - Division of Medicine Grand Round

Emergency Department- “Don’t blame it on the Moonshine" - (Home distilled alcohol with a twist). Speaker: Dr Shaun Greene

Wednesday 13th June, 12:30pm at John Lindell Lecture Theatre, Level 4, Lance Townsend Building (opp. Medical Library), Austin Campus. Informal lunch at 1.15pm outside the Lecture Theatre.


CANCELLATION of Respiratory Masterclass - 14th June- Northern Health

The Respiratory Masterclass scheduled for next Thursday 14th June has been cancelled.  The current timing is not proving suitable for GPs. GPL is planning to reschedule the Gastroenterology and Respiratory Masterclasses for later in the year in collaboration with the newly formed GP & Primary Care Support Service.  Apologies for any inconvenience.


GP Pharmacotherapy Training Program for Opioid Dependence

For GPs interested in prescribing pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence within the Victorian regulatory framework. GPs will improve their knowledge and skills in managing problematic pharmaceutical opioid use.

Sunday 17th June, 8.45am-4.30pm at GPV, 458 Swanston Street, Carlton. 40 RACGP QI & CPD Points apply + ACRRM. Travel assistance (up to $100) available

Registration & further information at: or phone GPV on 9341 5200


Cataract & Pterygium, Rhinitis & Polyps

GPs will be provided with an update on the management of these conditions and when and how to refer these patients.

Tuesday 19th June, 7–9pm (refreshments from 6.30) at Lucy Jones Hall, (entrance off Albert St), Royal Eye and Ear Hospital, East Melbourne. Registration & further information at:


Sleep - The Basics

An Active Learning Module for GPs. Tuesday 19th and 26th June from 7-10 pm. Light supper from 6.30pm at  Austin Hospital Education Precinct, Level 4 Austin Tower, Studley Road, Heidelberg. Flyer. Further enquiries contact Margaret Bunn on 9496 5390 or


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Making immunisation ideas happen

Sanofi Pasteur is calling on GPs, nurses and other Australian immunisation providers to submit original immunisation ideas for their chance to receive a share of $100,000 in unrestricted educational grants.  Entrants can submit creative ideas based on five different categories, which are aligned with the benchmarks set by the Department of Health & Ageing, and allow immunisation providers to be recognised for their efforts to improve immunisation in Australia.
The five $20,000 grants will be awarded to immunisation providers with a bright idea in the following categories:

·         Applying innovation in areas of low immunisation

·         Increasing vaccination coverage for Indigenous Australians

·         Increasing vaccination coverage for four year olds

·         Decreasing vaccine wastage and leakage

·         Improving collaboration within a Medicare Local to promote the NIP across multiple immunisation providers and the wider community.

Ideas can be submitted to  closing on 30 September at 5pm EST. The winners will be announced in November at the AGPN National Forum in Adelaide.


Hepatitis B school program to finish December 2012

The hepatitis B vaccine school based catch-up program for Year 7 students ends this year. In 2013 there will be a mop-up with hepatitis B vaccine for any Year 7 student who has not been immunised or a Year 8 student with an incomplete course of hepatitis B vaccine. This mop-up will not be a school based program. Hepatitis B vaccine commenced on the infant immunisation schedule on 1 May 2000. These children are now entering secondary school so the catch-up program will end.


Gardasil® Vaccine

Gardasil® vaccine can be ordered by a medical clinic for a Year 7 school girl without the need to telephone the Immunisation Section first to request the vaccine dose. The government stock is supplied to immunisation providers to vaccinate Year 7 secondary school girls or to catch-up missed doses for Year 8 secondary school girls who started their course the previous year. After administering the Gardasil® vaccine, please report the dose given, promptly and accurately to the National HPV Vaccination Program Register (HPV Register). This can eliminate unnecessary doses of vaccine being administered to females and helps calculate vaccine coverage in the target population.

Enter vaccination details directly via the web by logging on to the HPV Register Secure web site   For assistance please phone the HPV Register on 1800 478 734 (1800 HPV REG).


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Information Management

This week’s IM problem - How to send results via email

Question: I need to send a patient’s results via email. How do I do this?

Answer: There are several ways of doing this and I am of the assumption that you want to send selected results, not all of them. I should say though, you shouldn’t send clinical information via unencrypted email. But you may want to print the results and post or hand to the patient.

1.      Have the patient’s record open and from the Summaries menu select Investigation Results…

2.      The page displayed has a nice heading and a table including the patient demographics. Under that is displayed all the patient’s results. If there are not too many it is probably easy to delete the ones you don’t want. Skip Points 3-5 if this is the case.

3.      Highlight and delete all the results, leaving only the heading and the patient.

4.      Display the Data toolbar by pressing Control + D

5.      In the Data toolbar click on the + sign next to Summary and then select Investigation Results (Selected) – select only those results you want.

Click on the Send Email icon – type in the patients email address and click OK. The results will be included in the email as an attachment called Letter.rtf


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Items of Interest

Melbourne Hernia Clinic

A/Professor Maurice Brygel provides a comprehensive service for the treatment of all types of hernias mostly as a day case.  Extensive information regarding hernias is provided on the Melbourne Hernia Clinic Website There is also an educational section for General Practitioner and the public on a wide variety of office procedures. There are patient information sheets, and power point presentations with demonstrations of the procedures.


Free Cancer Treatment Resource for GPs and Nurses 
Where do you go for trusted, unbiased, evidence based current information?
eviQ Cancer Treatments Online is a free, government funded, web based cancer resource used extensively in the cancer care setting across Australia. It now includes a primary health care content area for GPs, practice and community nurses, and allied health.
eviQ information is developed by expert clinicians, and operates within the bounds of the Commonwealth of Australia’s regulatory and reimbursement process, and complies with both TGA and PBS. To register go to  - once registered, you can access information specifically tailored for GPs from the primary health care home page (select from left side menu). For queries or more information, contact 


A Victorian Infectious Diseases Service Initiative - Introducing the Telehealth Clinic

The clinic is weekly on an alternate Tuesday or Thursday afternoons. Patients can be seen either completely via telehealth or as a combination of Telehealth and in person. Referrals (with provider number, & all pathology & radiology results) - send to attention Dr Schulz: email or fax to 03 9342 7277. If you make a first referral we will organise a time to have a practice session before booking the patients.

Medicare has financial incentives for Telehealth that the GP can access if the GP or practice Nurse sits with the patient during the consultation. See here. For further information call (03) 9342 7212 or (03) 9342 8834.


GP Network News

This week’s edition includes: AMA President and Health Minister discuss the PCEHR; AMA National Conference – Leading in Medical Care; Deputy Chair of AMACGP inducted into AMA Roll of Fellows; ANAO meets with AMA about GP Super Clinics Audit; Competencies Required to Prescribe Medicines; Government Commitment to Indigenous Health Improving.


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Mental Health

Making the Connection: the interplay between diabetes, heart disease and mental health

Friday 20th July 9am – 1pm at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. This workshop provides possible biological and behavioural pathways to explain the links between chronic illness and psychological comorbidities. Flyer


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News for Practice Staff

Pre diabetes and Type 2 diabetes mellitus training program

Wednesday June 27th 9am – 4.30pm at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. This one day program provides a comprehensive overview of management of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Topics include; overview of pathophysiology, medical management, nutrition, meters and case studies. Flyer


Web links for nurses

APNA newsletter

Latest Infection control newsletter from Margaret Jennings

Link to RCNA scholarships that will be available later this year

Introduction to Preceptorship training for nurses


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National Prescribing Service

NPS Audit Update

NPS clinical audits are free quality improvement activities that help GPs to review their current prescribing practice for patients with certain conditions compared to current best practice guidelines.

The following audits are available for the current QPI PIP year: 1 May 2012 – 30 April 12013:

·         Depression - Challenges in primary care (paper audit) – open; 2 options for participation; see link below

·         CVD risk & lipid modifying therapy (electronic audit) - complete before 30 April 2013 to be recognised in the QPI year in which it is completed

·         Management of hypertension (electronic audit) - complete before 30 April 2013 to be recognised in the QPI year in which it is completed

·         Review of proton pump inhibitors prescribing (electronic audit) - complete before 30 April 2013 to be recognised in the QPI year in which it is completed

·         Clinical e-Audit: Management of specific respiratory tract infections (electronic audit) – coming late June 2012

·         Headaches – Safe diagnosis, effective management (paper audit) – coming late June 2012

You can obtain more information about each of these audits and enrol online on the NPS website (see link). Alternatively call Dr Mary Levidiotis on 9496 4333 for more information.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Northcote – F/T P/T VR GP or Subsequent Trainee GP position. Fully accredited, computerised, long established doctor owned practice in a new purpose built facility with a fabulous work environment. Ancillary Health, Pharmacy and Pathology services on site. Inquiries Diane Cronin (Practice Manager) 9481 1214. Visit our website


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The chicken and the egg

A chicken and an egg are lying in bed. The chicken is smoking a cigarette with a satisfied smile on its face and the egg is frowning and looking put out. The egg mutters to no one in particular, "I guess we answered THAT question."


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            …A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.