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No 1410: April 9, 2014
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In this issue:

Chronic Disease Management            Diabetes Consultations in the Spotlight

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Immunisation                                       Immunisation Week, NHPA - Immunisation Rates for Children 2012-2013, Department of Health - Hepatitis B Vaccine, Proposed Immunisation Strategy for Pertussis Vaccination, Influenza Specialist Group

Information Management                  Health the focus for next Medical Director release, Medical Director Computer Tips

Items of interest                                  New Australian Privacy Principles (APP), GP Network News

Men’s Health                                        Men’s Health GP Education Symposium

Mental Health                                      Youthbeyondblue, Information sessions for carers of people with mental illness

News for Practice Staff                       APNA newsletter, Thriving Through Change

Paediatrics                                           The Royal Children's Hospital Practical Paediatrics Program Online

Positions vacant/wanted                  

Fun stuff                                              


Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes Consultations in the Spotlight: A masterclass for health professionals

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes invites diabetes health professionals to attend an inspiring masterclass in Melbourne on the 15th of April. If you would like to be inspired to greater success and satisfaction in promoting and supporting self-care, motivation and behaviour change in consultations with people with diabetes, then this event is for you!

Tuesday 15th April, 10.30am-4pm at Deakin City Centre, Level 3, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Fees: $150 early bird (until 15 March 2014), $200 thereafter (until 10 April 2014)

To register: Contact: Jennifer Halliday on 03 8648 1846 or email


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Continuing Professional Development

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) management in general practice

Chronic Kidney Disease is a harmful yet treatable disease that is relatively common - with 1 in 9 Australian patients presenting with at least one symptom. This ThinkGP activity addresses the importance of treating CKD so that the progression of the disease can be halted, but to also reduce the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in effected patients. Participate in this education activity to learn a number of straightforward guidelines for support in slowing the progression of the disease and reducing the eventual need for dialysis and renal transplantation. Click here to begin.


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Immunisation Week 21st – 27th April

Victorians are being urged to assess their own immunisation needs, as well as the needs of those they care for, during Immunisation Week 21 – 27 April. “Immunisations are required throughout life, not just in childhood,” said Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer, Dr Michael Ackland. “Health, age, lifestyle and occupation, sometimes referred to by the acronym of HALO, are the four key factors that determine an individual’s immunisation needs.”

Find out what immunisations you should discuss with your doctor or immunisation provider by:

·         taking the Better Health Channel online survey or

·         picking up an “Immunisation for Life” brochure at your local medical centre.

NHPA - Immunisation Rates for Children 2012-2013

Organised primary health care makes the difference for immunisation rates. That is the message in a media release on 27 March 2014 from Australian Medicare Local Alliance announcing the latest Healthy Communities report immunisation rates for children 2012-13. This report, produced by the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA), shows fewer Medicare Local catchment areas are dealing with rates of less than 90% for children fully immunised at five years of age. Click here to read the media release and a link to the report.


Department of Health - Hepatitis B Vaccine

On 27 March 2014, the Department of Health issued an advisory about the Hepatitis B vaccine. 
Hepatitis B vaccine - more at-risk groups eligible for a free course.

·         Household contacts and sexual partners of people living with hepatitis B

·         People who inject drugs or are on opioid substitution therapy

·         People living with Hepatitis C

·         Men who have sex with men

·         People living with HIV

·         People no longer in a custodial setting who commenced but did not complete a free vaccine course while in custody.

Download the A4 poster outlining people eligible to receive the free vaccine course of Hepatitis B vaccine to display in your health care setting here.
Order the hepatitis B vaccine - eligible at-risk people from the government supplied vaccine order form here.
For more information, please click here or contact 1300 882 008 or


Proposed Immunisation Strategy for Pertussis Vaccination  

Paediatrician Dr Tom Snelling from the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth proposed a controversial plan for pertussis vaccination for pregnant women, fathers, grandparents and siblings. Speaking at the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) meeting in Adelaide on 19 March, Dr Snelling presented the vaccinations as part of an immunisation strategy overhaul to prevent whooping cough epidemics in newborns. Dr Snelling’s research showed that if both parents received a booster their newborn was about half as likely to develop pertussis compared to infants in households where neither were immunised. However, there was no benefit if vaccination of the mother was delayed until after delivery.
“The UK and US have moved ahead of Australia to clearly recommend routine immunisation in pregnancy. I think on the basis of our data Australia should follow suit before the next epidemic occurs. In the meantime we may have data from the US or UK that proves what we suspect – that immunising in pregnancy is, in fact, the optimal strategy.” Said Dr Snelling.
The pertussis vaccine is currently funded on the National Immunisation Program in a three-dose schedule for infants at two, four and six months of age, with a booster given at four and at 10–15 years of age.
For more information, please click here.

Influenza Specialist Group

Flu vaccination videos, animations and info-graphics about the importance of flu vaccination can be found at the following links:

Video, Animated Infographic and Influenza animation.  

Find more material on the Flu media kit page:


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Information Management

Health the focus for next Medical Director release (from Pulst+IT)

Health Communication Network (HCN) is planning a mid-year launch for the next release of its clinical and practice management software products Medical Director and PracSoft, with added eHealth functionality the primary upgrades.

Assisted registration functionality for the PCEHR, which will allow practices to register patients in person through the software, will be available to users in the next version. It will also come with improvements to the view of the National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR), allowing doctors to access both the prescribed and dispensed view. [More]


Medical Director Tip - Avoiding the traps when filling out a Health Assessment

The MD Health Assessment wizard for the over 75s (found under the Assessments menu) can be quite a handy tool for completing health assessments. You are able to fill in measurements such as BP, height and weight and these are fed back into the MDs measurements record.

But if you change medications, histories, allergies and family and social histories inside the health assessment these changes are not fed back into the MD record. Therefore it is imperative that you make these changes in the patient record BEFORE opening the Health Assessment wizard.

If you type measurements or make changes to any part of the clinical record in a LetterWriter templates NONE of these changes are fed back into the MD clinical record.


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Items of Interest

New Australian Privacy Principles (APP)

The RACGP has developed a privacy policy template which may assist general practices to create their Practice Privacy Policy which will comply with the new Australian Privacy Principles (APP). The template covers: practice procedures, staff responsibilities, patient consent, collection of information, access and collection of information.

The RACGP have also produced a document to assist general practices to meet their legal obligations - Compliance Indicators for the Australian Privacy Principles: an addendum to the Computer and Information Standards (2nd edition).


GP Network News

This week’s edition is here.


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Men’s Health

Men’s Health GP Education Symposium

Saturday 12 April 8.30 – 5pm at the Patricia Peck Education and Research Precinct, 154 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Visit the website or see here for program


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Mental Health


New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 to 24 which paints a worrying picture of youth mental health in Australia. beyondblue is about to release a range of new resources about depression and anxiety for young people on its youth website, Youthbeyondblue.


Information sessions for carers of people with mental illness

Navigating the Mental Health System is a four part series of workshops at Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre for families or carers of people with a mental illness. The workshops will explore the current and potential future of the mental health system and is being facilitated by Johnny Mackay from Carers Victoria. The workshops commence April 16 and run fortnightly until May 28. For more information or to register please email


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News for Practice Staff

APNA newsletter

The latest APNA newsletter is here.


Thriving Through Change
APNA’s 2014 National Conference – Thriving Through Change – will be held at the Hilton Sydney on 29 to 31 May. This is an excellent opportunity for nurses working in primary health care including general practice, to enhance their clinical expertise and add to their personal and professional development. Thriving Through Change will showcase the ‘hot topics’ of 2014 for primary health care nurses, offering the best in clinical and professional education, delivered by a host of outstanding international and national speakers who will inform, educate and engage with delegates. The diverse topics on offer include diabetes assessment, wound care, chronic disease management, immunisation, asthma and COPD, implanon insertion, medicines in older people, mental health, and much, much more. Please click here to view the full program, keynote speakers, exhibitors, social events and more. 


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The Royal Children's Hospital Practical Paediatrics Program Online

The Practical Paediatrics Program On-line (PPPO) is developed for GP and Primary Health Care Providers in rural and regional areas, and those who find it difficult to attend GP education events at the RCH. The program consists of highlights from the face-to-face GP education events from the Practical Paediatrics Program held at the Royal Children’s. Each on-line activity will take about 1 hour to complete and consists of watching a presentation and answering a short quiz. There is required reading in two activities and useful links are also provided. To access the program please click here. ACRRM has also made these modules available nationally for ACRRM members on its RRMEO platform here.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Carlton - Full Time/Part Time VR GPs wanted (flexible hours). We are a group of female medical practitioners running a high-quality, family-orientated general practice, with a practice manager, practice nurse and allied health personnel onsite (podiatrist, dietitian, psychologist and women's physio) plus on-site pathology. The practice is fully computerised and accredited. Phone 9380 4655, Email, Web


Greensborough Road Surgery is currently seeking a Full-Time GP, approx 8 sessions pw. A position is available for an enthusiastic GP to join our team in a modern, well-equipped 10-doctor practice, offering high-quality care in an experienced and supportive environment. Private billing, computerised, 2.5 full-time nurses, (clinical CVC, and CDM.)  Contact Ann McCormack (03) 9435 0711 or email or see


Montmorency - GP needed to join 10 doctor busy family practice. Accredited, purpose built clinic. Fully computerized. Flexible hours. Supported by Div 1 nurses, pathology on site. No AH or on-call, excellent remuneration and support. Call Kay on 03 9435 1144 or Email:


Practice Staff

Heidelberg - Mount Street Medical Centre is a private practice which has a locum nurse position available from 7th April - 18th May, 2014. 8:30am to 5:00pm, four days per week. This position will be spread between practice nurse roles as well as care co-ordination, health assessment activity & patient education. Within walking distance from the Heidelberg Station, the Austin & Mercy Hospital. To find out more and obtain a position description, please contact Janina De Silva, Operational and Business Manager on (03) 9459 1100 or email


Macleod - Medical Receptionist position available on casual basis. The position includes general reception, administration and cleaning duties.  Currently requires one-two sessions per week. Knowledge in PracSoft and Medical Director are essential. Please contact Lynette on 9459 8329 or fax your CV on 9459 8328.

Northcote - Division 1 Nurse. An old, established, solo, fully computerised practice with warm and friendly atmosphere is seeking a Division 1 Nurse to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 1 pm - total 12 hours. Salary: Award Rates. Contact details: Neelam Berera on 0411 196 940 (mobile).


Reservoir: Summerhill Medical Centre is an established medical practice seeking F/T and/or P/T practice nurses to join support a dedicated team to provide exemplary care to patients of all ages.  Flexible hours. Salary: Negotiable based on relevant experience. Contact details:  John on 0403 178 141 or


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The Infinite Loop

The Infinite Loop is a computer programming concept, describing a situation of cause and effect that continues forever, one action causing another action that causes the first action etc. etc.

These loops never happen in real life, unless...


A company CEO tells his secretary:

"Next week we're going to a convention abroad and spend some quality time together, please make all the required arrangements."


The secretary calls her husband:

"Next week the boss is taking me abroad for a week on business, please take care of yourself during this time."


The husband calls his lover:

"My wife is going abroad for a week, let’s spend it together..."


The lover, a private school teacher, tells the children:

"Because of a personal problem, I will not be at school next week, so you'll be studying at home."


One of the kids went to his grandfather and said:

"Grandpa, next week I don't have school, you promised me that if I had time off we'd go to the mountains together."


The grandfather, who was also the CEO, calls his secretary and tells her:

"My grandson asked me to spend the week with him, so we're not going abroad."


The secretary calls her husband:

"The boss cancelled, we'll be together, my love."


The husband calls his lover:

"We can't spend the week together, my wife is staying."


The lover tells the kids:

"My problem was solved, school is back on."


The kid goes to the grandfather:

"Sorry grandpa, school is back on, I won't be able to go."


The CEO calls his secretary:

"My grandson won't be able to spend next week with me, rebook the flight abroad."


The secretary calls……


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And remember


            Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.