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No 1031: September 2, 2010
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In this issue:

Editorial                                                Division Wins Diabetes Prevention Award  

Chronic Disease Management            Women’s diabetes health issues    

Professional Development                 CPD events   

Immunisation                                       HPV Funded program reminder        

Information Management                  Medical Director Tips

Items of interest                                  Continuum of Care for Ophthalmic Patients, New St Vincent’s GP website, GPs to drive Australian Lung Census, Health Services: Patient Experiences in Australia, GP Network News

News for Practice Staff                       Practice Nurses Orientation, Practice nurses’ roles and responsibilities in the care of well and sick children, APNA National Conference 2011, Scholarships for Practice Nurses Available NOW, Special Promotion to join APNA        

Paediatrics                                           Got a kid with complex, moderate or severe eczema?        

Women’s Health                                  Women’s Health ALM, Type 1 in the City: Women’s Business                             

Positions vacant/wanted                            

Fun stuff                                                        


A Word from the Editor

Division Wins Diabetes Prevention Award

Diabetes Australia – Vic has sent the division a certificate of recognition for “the outstanding contribution that North East Valley Division of General Practice has made to the prevention of Type 2 diabetes”.  This is because of the great response from our practices in referring to the two lifestyle Modification Programs, the Commonwealth 40-49 program, and the state funded 50+ Life Program. The work of Kim Welch in setting up the LMPs in various locations around the division must also be recognised as well as the Practice Managers who allowed the programs to be set up in their practices.

And as part of our reward for recognising excellence the division is awarding Doctors of Northcote the $100 meal voucher to Paladarr Thai Restaurant in Alphington for the most 40-49 Y.O. referrals in the July-August period. The use of this prize is at the discretion of the Practice Manager.


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Chronic Disease Management

Women’s diabetes health issues

See under Women’s Health.


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Continuing Professional Development

Term 3 GP Lecture Program

Meetings are held each Tuesday starting at 12.30 in the Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor, Pathology Building, Repatriation Hospital, Austin Health, West Heidelberg. Tea and Coffee provided. Course Leader: Dr Vin Nursey Phone: 9457 1736. Allocated CPD: 2 points/hour.

Sept 7 - Ovarian Cancer - Assoc Prof Peter Grant

For full term Tuesday lecture program click here


Austin Health - Division of Medicine Grand Round

“Cancer, Wellness & Evidence” The Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre. Speakers : Jonathan Cebon, Chris Hamilton, Mathis Grossmann & Joe Proietto.

Wednesday 8th September, 12:30pm at John Lindell Lecture Theatre, Level 4, Lance Townsend Building, Opposite Medical Library. Lunch is now at 1.15pm outside the Lecture Theatre.


Jump FEET FIRST into an evening of interactive education

Hosted by Waverley Private Hospital – featuring:

  1. Top 10 Things Foot and Ankle Surgeons wish every GP knew – Evidence Based Pearls: Mr Andrew Beischer, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Foot & Ankle Specialist)
  2. Osteoarthritis of the Foot and Ankle: Mr Andrei Cornoiu, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Foot & Ankle Specialist)
  3. The Diabetic Foot : Dr Zemin Cao, Endocrinologist

Tuesday 14th September 7pm – 9.30pm (Dinner provided) at Novotel Glen Waverley (Ballroom) - 285 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley.

Contact: Anne Moutsos 0420 895 910 or email Application has been made for QA&CPD Category 2 (2pph) in the RACGP 2008-2010 triennium.


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HPV Funded program reminder

Please remember that the ongoing HPV vaccine program is for Year 7 or age appropriate girls. If they choose not to participate in the school based program, they can still receive their Gardasil immunisation at General Practice using funded vaccine which is free.


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Information Management

Medical Director Tip - Jump to caret

The current progress note has a number of buttons (bold, italic, font, text colour and a spell check). Also included is a “Jump to caret” button. This is used when the caret symbol (^) is used in a Comment or Management shortcut. For example, if a shortcut of MC is created for “Medical certificate for ^ days(s)” you can press the “Jump to carat” button and that will highlight the caret and you simply overtype with a number. This is particularly useful if you want to include multiple measurements because you can “jump” from caret to caret and overtype with the specific measurement. You can also use the <F5> key instead of clicking on the “Jump to carat” button.


This weeks IM problem - Turning off e-prescribing prompt

Question: I have turned on e-prescribing and now want to turn it off. How do I do this?

Answer: This also means you have MD Exchange enabled as e-prescribing functionality requires this. You can always disable/re-enable ePrescribing functionality by editing your User settings, as shown below.

  1. No patient record open and from the User menu select Setup Users…
  2. Click on your name and select Edit from the button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Remove the tick from the Enable Prescribing radio button


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Items of Interest

More information on Continuum of Care for Ophthalmic Patients

From the end of August, The Royal Victorian Eye And Ear Hospital will be imbedding new pathways for patient care that have been demonstrated in the Community Eye Care Partnership project, to provide safe and convenient care for patients with certain eye conditions. The patient’s GP will play a central role in coordinating and continuing their patient’s eye care. Clinicians in our General Eye Clinics will be assessing patients to determine their suitability for discharge back to their GP and possibly ongoing eye care from an optometrist or a practitioner that is already linked with the Eye and Ear’s Continuum of Care Pathway. 

Suitable patients will be discharged from the Hospital with a copy of their eye assessment record, a fact sheet and discharge plan. The GP will be sent a copy of the above information as well as an explanatory letter and list of linked practitioners (if applicable). Instructions will be included on the Assessment Record so that GP’s will know if they need to refer their patient to a local optometrist or to one of our linked practitioners. This new pathway will improve on communication, patient care and convenience.

For more information contact: Sandra Clews, Project Officer on 9929 8919, email; or Dr Lina Nido, GP Liaison Officer, on 9929 8187 (Tuesday, Thursday) email Or visit:


New St Vincent’s GP website

Navigate your way around St Vincent’s services easily with our new GP-friendly website. Features include:

·        Direct-dial phone numbers for key departments like ED, Outpatients , Mental Health and Aged Care

·        Outpatient referral guidelines and referral information about clinics

·        Medical Director referral templates for Outpatient clinics and Rehab and Aged Care Services

·        Phone/fax numbers and referral forms for Diagnostic services like pulmonary function testing, nerve conduction and non-invasive Cardiology (echo, stress ECG).


GPs to drive Australian Lung Census

General Practitioners are being urged to assess the lung health of 50,000 adults as part of the largest single screening of lung function to be undertaken in Australia. The Lung Census – a joint initiative of The Australian Lung Foundation, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Improvement Foundation and MediMark International – will be conducted from 4 -15 October 2010 to support and promote Global Test Your Lungs Day (14 October) and the Year of the Lung. GPs can find out more about the Lung Census and register to take part in this landmark initiative by visiting


Health Services: Patient Experiences in Australia

This stats pack from the Australian Bureau of Statistics may be of interest - it measures use of health services, barriers to health services, use of GP and other medical specialist services (broken down by age/sex/location/country of birth/index of disadvantage and by type of service, including urgent care and after hours) and also hospital services, communication with health providers, harm and harmful side effects and children's use of services. Click here.


GP Network News

This week’s edition includes: Seasonal influenza vaccines for children - withdrawal of Panvax Junior; medical internship shortage at crisis point; AMA position statement on primary health care; PIP Indigenous health incentive and PBS co-payment measure; Support family doctors petition


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News for Practice Staff

Practice Nurses Orientation

The Orientation Program is fully booked! The online course for new practice nurses is available here.


Practice nurses’ roles and responsibilities in the care of well and sick children  

A national study is being conducted to identify practice nurses’ changing role, specifically in the area of child health and wellbeing. Outcomes from the study will identify the 1) extent of practice nurses’ involvement in this area, 2) potential professional development opportunities to meet specific needs and interests and 3) ways to overcome barriers to professional development. All nurses employed in Australian general practice settings are invited to participate by going to or emailing Anne at More detailed information is available on the survey welcome page.


APNA National Conference 2011

After the outstanding success of its first two conferences (The Right Stuff and Golden Opportunities), APNA will be holding a third, inspiring conference in 2011. The conference, 'Roadmap for the Future - great expectations' will feature renowned keynote speakers, interactive Masterclasses, extensive opportunities to network with practice nurses from around Australia, and much more. All topics and sessions have been designed to meet the needs of nurses working in general practice and primary health care. Thursday 7th - Saturday 9th April 2011 at Hilton Hotel Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney. CPD Hours: 13 - 20 hours. More program information can be obtained from the conference website.

Scholarships for Practice Nurses Available NOW

Applications for the NAHSSS (Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme) have now opened. Practice nurses are invited to apply for a NAHSSS CPD or Postgraduate scholarship. The CPD scholarship can be used toward funding conferences, courses or other educational activities and provide up to $1500 to cover the cost of registration and travel, plus up to $140 toward accommodation per night. The postgraduate scholarships provide up to $15,000 and APNA would encourage ALL nurses to consider applying. Applications close on 1st October 2010, so APPLY NOW! Click here for more information.

Special Promotion to join APNA 

Keep your eyes out for our special promotion starting next month for nurses that have never been members of APNA to join at a great low rate and receive a free gift.


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Got a kid with complex, moderate or severe eczema?

Expert RCH Eczema nurses provide comprehensive assessment, education and care coordination (with other community supports as needed) through community centre eczema clinics. Community Health Service GPs and the RCH Dermatology Department provide medical support. A comprehensive management plan and referral back to the child's usual GP form the core activities of this clinic. The first consultation requires a full morning - the child and family have an individual assessment followed by group education. Clinics are held at North Yarra Community Health Service (Abbotsford) and Doutta Galla Community Health Service (Kensington).

·        Referral forms & more information:  

·        RCH Primary Care Liaison  


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Women’s Health

Type 1 in the City: Women’s Business (For women only)

Diabetes Australia – Vic presents Profession Jeremy Oats discussing women’s diabetes health issues, including menopause and sexual health. All your questions answered.

Wednesday 15 September - Registration opens at 7.00pm. At Charles Latrobe Theatre, Royal Melbourne Hospital Function and Convention Centre, Grattan Street, Carlton.

Cost: $5 for DA–Vic members plus one guest, $15 for non-members. Bookings essential 1300 136 588


Women’s Health ALM

For GPs who need women’s health points the Jean Hailes Foundation online professional development website provides free access to a range of Active Learning Modules, webcasts and other educational activities. Each activity has been approved by the RACGP QA&CPD 2008-10 triennium program with Category 1 and 2 points available.


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Positions vacant/wanted

Please note: only new ads or resubmitted ads will be posted here. All other ads can be found on the website


Positions vacant


Fairfield - GP wanted 3 sessions per week to cover maternity leave mid November for 7-8 months. Good remuneration. Contact Dr. Paul O’Halloran or Dr. Debbie Moors on 9481 7322.


Ivanhoe - VR GP FT or PT required to work in this GP operated accredited medical centre. A friendly and supportive team environment in this computerised medical centre with Psychologists, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Dietician, Nursing staff and Radiology on site, no After Hour’s, family friendly, flexible hours . Please contact John or Ken on 03 9497 1188.


Northcote – F/t P/T VR GP or Subsequent Trainee GP position. Fully accredited, computerised, long established doctor owned practice in a new purpose built facility with a fabulous work environment. Ancillary Health, Pharmacy and Pathology services on site. Inquiries Diane Cronin (Practice Manager) 9481 1214. Visit our website

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A group of psychiatrists were attending a convention. Four of them decided to leave, and walked out together. One said to the other three, "People are always coming to us with their guilt and fears, but we have no one that we can go to when we have problems." The others agreed.

Then one said, "Since we are all professionals, why don't we take some time right now to hear each other out?" The other three agreed.

The first then confessed, "I have an uncontrollable desire to kill my patients."

The second psychiatrist said, "I love expensive things and so I find ways to cheat my patients out of their money whenever I can so I can buy the things I want."

The third followed with, "I'm involved with selling drugs and often get my patients to sell them for me."

The fourth psychiatrist then confessed, "I know I'm not supposed to, but no matter how hard I try, I can't keep a secret..."


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And remember


            … All generalisations are false.