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Footcare  (footcare in pdf)

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What is Diabetes (6pages)

Type 2 diabetes (3 pages)

Medications - (4 pages) 2018

Foot care - Shoe selection

Diabetic retinopathy

Murtagh -4pages

Insulin injection sites - 1 page

Hypogylcaemia - 1 page

Lantus solostar pen - 1 page



A comprehensive easy to read collection of useful information for the diabetic

Information prepared by:-
Lynne E Gannon, Podiatrist, Diabetes Educator
Eileen Holbery, Dietician, Diabetes Educator
Richard Moore, General Practitioner
Meni Stefanovski, Community health nurse, Diabetes Educator
West Heidelberg Community Health Centre, Vic (1996)

Apps - from Melbourne, Australia "realtimehealth.com/apps"
Type 1 and type 2 diabetes apps with local contact numbers of support groups.
diabetic apps

Calculating Diabetes risk:

Cardiovascular Disease risk: www.cvdcheck.org.au/

Also: Australian Diabetes Council & NDDS - list of Pdfs (recommended)

NPS National Prescribing Service

Diabetes Australia: www.diabetesvic.org.au

Baker Heart and Diabetes institute www.bakeridi.edu.au/

British Diabetic Association: www.diabetes.org.uk

Gestational diabetes - management guidelines
or 1 page summary  (MJA 2005)

Diabetes and travel - summary

DAFNE: Dose adjustment for normal eating

American Website: Type 2 Diabetes Center

 An employee’s guide to diabetes in the workplace (2013)
 An employer’s guide to diabetes in the workplace (2013)

CME conferences  - www.cmeondiabetes.com.au
an information portal about Type 2 Diabetes (Register online)
View presentations (slides with voice-over) given by international experts


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