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GP mental health careplans: Division list & Dr Colin Adams list

MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES - last edit: 15-jun-11

Selected Mental Health Sheets Furthur information & Websites


  • Social Phobia htm (full - crufad) .. brief.htm .. or 1 page pdf
    see also
    64 page crufad manual  (pdf)
  • Anxiety, panic & hyperventilation htm .. or 1 page pdf
  • Anxiety rtf  (Mental Health department) or  2 page pdf
  • OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder htm .. - 2 page pdf


Manic Depression


Acute stress disorder & Post traumatic stress disorder


Recommended Books

Pathology of Depression

GP useful sheets

Reference websites (online)

Self help websites (online)

  • MoodGym: http://moodgym.anu.edu.au/ - This is a free self help program which uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help people vulnerable to depression.  Developed at the Centre of Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.
  • Mood Swings www.moodswings.net.au/ ( An online self help program for Bipolar Disorder)
    developed by a team of Melbourne, Vic based psychiatrists and psychologists
  • CLIMATE Recovery Modules .. www.climate.tv (University of NSW)
    Provide health information and advice to assist people diagnosed with a health disorder to learn about the condition, how to manage their symptoms and optimise their health.  The Modules are available through doctor's prescription.
  • Counselling online (alcohol & drug) .. www.counsellingonline.org.au

Substance abuse (alcohol and drugs)



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